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Wireless Isn't Wireless


There is a common misperception out in the marketplace that the progression into the “wireless” age means just that – the reduction or elimination of wires and cables. This could not be further from the truth.

Wireless communications necessitate the use of a wide array of antenna and base station technologies. Some of the cables that support these technologies include:

RF Power
Coaxial, armored or heavily shielded.

Fiber Optic
Optical data transmission. 

Control and Power
To provide power to mast head array.

Fire Protection and Security
Within the Base Station enclosure.

Network and Communications
Diagnostics and network communications to and from the Base Station.

Furthermore, each of these cables can be customized depending on their needs or purpose. For example, some of these cables could include smaller gauge sizes, a more flexible design, heavy shielding, proprietary connector systems and more.

Now you know that “going wireless” doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t any wires or cables involved. It just means that our “wireless” products aren’t being tied down by them.

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