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The Benefits of Large Format Converting

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The Benefits of Large Format Converting
The term Large Format Converting (LFC) covers a range of services such as slitting, spooling and printing. During LFC, large incoming parent rolls are formatted for optimized downstream manufacturing. And regardless of product or process, the results are big:

  • A greater yield from parent rolls
  • Increased speed to market
  • Reduced labor downtime and waste
  • Additional uptime for production equipment

Large Format VS. Smaller Formats — Go BIG and Win Every Time!
For materials that are slit, spooling the converted material offers valuable advantages over traditional pad slit rolls, because spools hold much more material than pads.

End-product manufacturers using pads have to load them much more often during production runs, and each swap-out requires splicing the new pad onto the end of the old one. Compared with LFC-produced spools, the pad process wastes more material before and after the splice and can require machinery downtime to complete the transfer.

Typically, large format spools have 10x or more the length of pad slit rolls,
meaning product manufacturers have fewer roll changes (splices) resulting 
in less labor downtime and waste.

Business Efficiency — Go BIG for Maximum Productivity
A diaper manufacturer might lose 20 diapers during a splice. That can add up to a lot of waste. But, with large format slitting and spooling, splices are useable. LFC-produced spools support longer runs between spool changes and longer production runs overall, with material length reaching hundreds of thousands of feet.

Go BIG for the long run.
Finally, LFC enables product manufacturers to process slit materials up to 25x as long without interruption, when compared to pad rolls. This increases throughput, reduces material handling and splicing needs, and the potential for human error.

Check out our infographic here to see how the benefits of Large Format Converting add up.

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