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6 Things to Know About Thermoplastic Parts Formatting Services


Companies that often use thermoset polymers are now turning towards thermoplastics for their reusable properties, as thermoplastics can be heated and cooled repeatedly without disrupting their molecular structure.
But, when reusing and formatting this material, it’s important to choose the right custom formatter to partner with. You’ll want to evaluate your potential partner’s expertise and knowledge with this material as well as the industry it is being designed for use in.

For example, let’s consider the aerospace industry.

With formatting services for thermoplastic composite aircraft parts, terms like slitting, chopping, and spooling are no longer sufficient to categorize capabilities. Instead, think in terms of invention and innovation that highly skilled custom formatters can provide from the earliest stages of a component’s design process.

Now, let’s discuss the 6 things you should know about formatting services for thermoplastic parts:

1) Formatting/custom formatting

2) Partnering

3) Cross-functional collaboration

4) Cutting edge

5) Due diligence

6) In-house formatting


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